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15U Girls Wave Announcement

Posted by Irene Cheng at Nov 18, 2018 8:24PM PST ( 0 Comments )

As of Nov 25, these are the waves. Note: new names will be added DAILY by 3pm to the list. Registration will close 24 hrs before the first tryout and you will have to register in person. Please come to wave 2.

Tryout #1 @ Hillcrest Community Centre
Sunday November 25, 2018

Wave 1 (5-7pm):

1) Katherine Sau
2) Doreen Cai
3) Natasha Yee
4) Samantha Tran
5) Isabella Lopez
6) Hayley Lu
7) Samantha Au
8) Tiana Lam
9) Kristen Young
10) Isabella Unnsteinsdottir
11) Sarah Hartman
12) Emma Furland
13) Ashelyn Shum
14) Ritchelle Sarabia
15) Isobel Raynes
16) Sophia Leung
17) Saudah Gazi
18) Quincy Johnson
19) Binta Jalloh
20) Gea Bohane
21) Ava Napoletano
22) Jada Magbanua
23) Megan Hai
24) Trinitee Okoye*
25) Erika Kwan
26) Maisie Phan
27) Ria Sahdra
28) Neha Sahdra
29) Samantha Lee
30) Abby Arter-Centeno
31) Julia Cabral
32) Olivia Mah
33) Kyla Smith
34) Katrina Wong
35) Ava Chan
36) Elliotte Petter
37) Kylie Chan
38) Katherine Keng
39) Makena Hudson
40) Hailey Neophytou
41) Dominique Diaz
42) Ella Buric
43) Wendy Lam


Wave 2 (7-9pm):

1) Raeann Bettles
2) Hannah Magnuson*
3) Keilah Campbell
4) Mackenzie Main*
5) Sariya Khaira
6) Nadia Izadi
7) Neko Wollard
8) Angelie Wang
9) Leah Woo
10) Madison Chai
11) Jayda Fai
12) Megan Battad
13) Carys Dance
14) Inaara Khimani
15) Jessie Lai
16) Adriana Ruscitti
17) Regan Smith
18) Addi Jurovich
19) Stella McWilliam
20) Rhea Naldoza
21) Farah Sorkhabi
22) Darrah Javiniar
23) Victoria Wu
24) Caitlin Adams
25) Samantha Jang
26) Sofia Di Fluri
27) Olivia MacGregor
28) Salma Rafi
29) Arianna Palma
30) Jessica Kieffer
31) Jessica Svoboda
32) Alyssa Jung
33) Marianne Linder
34) Katherine Huang
35) Ema Popovic
36) Vivian Zhan
37) Julia Bigioli
38) Joelle Xie
39) Kiana Nguyen
40) Keziah Reimer
41) Leah Huang

Please check the “tryout Information” for new names or schedule changes. Thank you and Good Luck!

14U Girls Wave Announcement

Posted by Apex Volleyball Club at Nov 14, 2018 10:23AM PST ( 0 Comments )


We’ve had a few requests to be in a particular wave and have accommodated your request to our abilities. Please let me know if you have any further questions.
If you do NOT see your name below, please come to wave 2 (7-9pm).

Please note to come 45 minutes ahead of your start time if you have any missing documentation or if you have not paid.
Please come 30 minutes ahead of your start time to sign in, get dressed, and an activation/warm up.

Feel free to meet new people and chat them up!

Hillcrest Community Centre (upstairs)


Wave 1 (5-7pm):

1. Hannah Milaine Dagon
2. Madeline Su
3. Felicity Tran
4. Tiffany Lin
5. Jaclyn Boxer
6. Michelle Louie
7. Malak Ammor
8. Sophia Wei
9. Elly Hobday
10. Niya Belova
11. Katerina Papoutsakis
12. Paige Cheng
13. Maria Eng
14. Ivana Vukota
15. Drea Lopez
16. Kaylie Yung
17. Rebecca Zhang
18. Milaan sooch
19. Chloe Phillips
20. Tiara Sartene
21. Tiana Ho
22. Nikki Mah
23. Angela Hu
24. Sophia Torrenueva
25. Caroline Villegas
26. Olivia Chiu
27. Kyra Heaps Kyra Heaps
28. Terra Boone
29. ZEE HE
30. Emma Gan
31. Elena Liu-Fei
32. Janelle Casino
33. Leila Vujovic
34. Emmet Eng
35. Ashwina Vignarajah
36. Mika Tiana Macalipay


Wave 2 (7-9pm)

40. Shimei Joy Agabin
41. Hilary Wong
42. Harmony Dominelli
43. Nimrit Ghuman
44. Annabel Tiwana
45. Jandresia Manabat
46. Hayley Lim
47. Tracy Nguyen
48. Olivia Li
49. Samantha Allaye-Chan
50. Madeline Ward
51. Dominique Hunter
52. Angela Santico
53. Chloe Hockin
54. Emily Leung
55. Kaitltn Tio
56. Sophia Zhang
57. Georgia Rigney
58. Nina Han
60. Dora Ciobanu
61. Carol Ko
62. Jocasta Pham
63. Belinda To
64. Gabriela de Vera
65. Talia Smith
66. Kayla Zivkovic
67. Teiya Lam
68. Megan Hai
69. Sogand Tabarestani
70. Sogol Tabarestani

Note for your next tryout (Nov 24th) it will be BACK TO BACK therefore EVERYONE should attend unless otherwise specified by the coach.

Feel free to email if you have any questions or concerns regarding your tryout.



What To Expect:

  • A full season of growth and memories!
  • At least one tournament per season
  • Organization and planning
  • Anywhere from 2 to 3 practices per week (If 2 weekly practices than expect roughly one weekday evening and one weekend practice)
  • Socials with your team or with your peers
  • Lots of learning, good laughs, and a new perspective

If this is new to you, don’t worry – we have a team of people that can guide you through the works of it!

If you show any level of interest in the coaching atmosphere for the 2019 season (ie. Head coach, Assistant, Co-Coach, practice coordinator)….

Please fill out a short application form here:

12U Open Registration Info

Posted by Apex Volleyball Club at Oct 11, 2018 1:47AM PDT ( 0 Comments )

Are you interested in seeing what Club Volleyball looks like?

Athletes born in 2007 qualify for our 12U age category. Apex Volleyball Club will be fielding teams to compete at these age categories on a first-registered, first-accepted basis. There will be no tryouts for this age group.

If you wish to experience a day of play under the guidance of an Apex coach, please register for our 12U Open Session. The cost is $10 and during this session you will get to experience a day of learning and playing with our 12U coaching staff. You can expect some skill development and fun – basically what an everyday practice looks like!

You do not have to register for 12U Open Session in order to register for the 12U Club Team.
Registration at the 12U Open Session does not guarantee a spot on the 12U Club Team.

12U Open Session is available for the first 32 registrants and registration will open on Saturday October 27th at 5pm.

12U Club Team registration will open on Saturday November 24th at 5pm and requires a $100 non-refundable deposit. We will accept the first 20 registrants for our competitive teams.

If you have any questions, please email


As high school season is underway, Apex would like to give you a heads up of our upcoming tryouts in late November. Tryout information for the 2019 season is now released!

See Details at:

Registration Opens on Wednesday, October 17, 2018 at noon.