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AGM 2019

Posted by Apex Volleyball Club at Dec 12, 2018 11:49PM PST ( 0 Comments )

Apex Volleyball Club will be discussing a few points and voting in new Board Members for the 2019 Season. If you’re interested in the process or becoming a board member, please join us!

Where: 4888 Nanaimo St, Vancouver BC
When: December 28, 2018 @ 8pm.

please email subject heading AGM as we will reply with further details closer to the date.



Be it martial arts, sports, or dance, make sure you incorporate good practices of strength and conditioning into your regime in order to be healthy, feel great, and elevate your game. At Apex, we encourage every athlete to do pre-hab exercises (not rehab) as a strengthening and preventative measure. Lets take control of our bodies now before the back, shoulder, and knee pain starts kicking in. We want to promote good health and function so you can play, perform, and compete at your finest.

Our 17U Boys team this season has a large team of knowledgeable court coaches and will continue an integrated strength and conditioning program with Richmond Oval’s @OvalHP’s strength and conditioning coaches in order to maintain a high level of physical performance and functionality.

Join us again tonight for 17U Boys tryouts round 2 at Harry Jerome, Burnaby. Court coaches on site are some veteran Apex coaches along with assistance from this season’s Douglas Royals Mens Volleyball Team. #FearThePride! Check out their IG @DCRoyalsmvb.

We had a special appearance from President Ken Li last night, check it out on our story at @apexvolleyball on IG.

15U Girls Invitiational Tryout

Posted by Apex Volleyball Club at Nov 28, 2018 11:12AM PST ( 0 Comments )

Apex Volleyball would like to thank all 90 athletes trying out for our two 15U Apex teams (K-squared and Mark). Unfortunately, we can only select 24 players for the team and we would like to invite the following athletes back to our final tryout on Saturday, December 1st at Harry Jerome (Burnaby) from 10am – 12pm. Thank you to everyone who was interested in competing at Apex Volleyball this season and we hope to see you in competition.

1 Samantha Jang
2 Isabella Unnsteindottir
3 Leah Woo
5 Sarah Hartman
11 Neko Woollard
19 Megan Battad
20 Hayley Lu
21 Regan Smith
24 Mackenzie Main
31 Adriana Ruscitti
32 Keilah Blaise Campbell
44 Ashelyn Shum
46 Jessi Lai
49 Kyla Smith
50 Inaara Khimani
51 Raeann Bettles
56 Sofia Di Fluri
58 Olivia MacGregor
65 Ava Chan
66 Jessica Svoboda
70 Marianne Linder
73 Katherine Keng
75 Kiana Nguyen
76 Caitlin Adams
84 Wendy Lam
85 Nicole Villavaso
88 Ana Restea
89 Kayla Tallarico
90 Katiana Hecimovic

See Your Team's Practice Schedule

Posted by Irene Cheng at Nov 23, 2018 2:14PM PST ( 0 Comments )

Apex has released the number of teams and the practice schedule for each age category. Head to “teams” and you’ll find relevant information to the boys/girls age group you’re looking for.

Some have tentative tournament schedules – These dates are yet to be finalized as we would also like to check in after our teams are formed.

Missing info? it’s because it is still TBA! more details will be released later into the tryouts. Please follow our IG @apexvolleyball for more frequent communication.

#ApexProud #GoApexVC

15U Girls Wave Announcement

Posted by Irene Cheng at Nov 18, 2018 8:24PM PST ( 0 Comments )

As of Nov 25, these are the waves. Note: new names will be added DAILY by 3pm to the list. Registration will close 24 hrs before the first tryout and you will have to register in person. Please come to wave 2.

Tryout #1 @ Hillcrest Community Centre
Sunday November 25, 2018

Wave 1 (5-7pm):

1) Katherine Sau
2) Doreen Cai
3) Natasha Yee
4) Samantha Tran
5) Isabella Lopez
6) Hayley Lu
7) Samantha Au
8) Tiana Lam
9) Kristen Young
10) Isabella Unnsteinsdottir
11) Sarah Hartman
12) Emma Furland
13) Ashelyn Shum
14) Ritchelle Sarabia
15) Isobel Raynes
16) Sophia Leung
17) Saudah Gazi
18) Quincy Johnson
19) Binta Jalloh
20) Gea Bohane
21) Ava Napoletano
22) Jada Magbanua
23) Megan Hai
24) Trinitee Okoye*
25) Erika Kwan
26) Maisie Phan
27) Ria Sahdra
28) Neha Sahdra
29) Samantha Lee
30) Abby Arter-Centeno
31) Julia Cabral
32) Olivia Mah
33) Kyla Smith
34) Katrina Wong
35) Ava Chan
36) Elliotte Petter
37) Kylie Chan
38) Katherine Keng
39) Makena Hudson
40) Hailey Neophytou
41) Dominique Diaz
42) Ella Buric
43) Wendy Lam


Wave 2 (7-9pm):

1) Raeann Bettles
2) Hannah Magnuson*
3) Keilah Campbell
4) Mackenzie Main*
5) Sariya Khaira
6) Nadia Izadi
7) Neko Wollard
8) Angelie Wang
9) Leah Woo
10) Madison Chai
11) Jayda Fai
12) Megan Battad
13) Carys Dance
14) Inaara Khimani
15) Jessie Lai
16) Adriana Ruscitti
17) Regan Smith
18) Addi Jurovich
19) Stella McWilliam
20) Rhea Naldoza
21) Farah Sorkhabi
22) Darrah Javiniar
23) Victoria Wu
24) Caitlin Adams
25) Samantha Jang
26) Sofia Di Fluri
27) Olivia MacGregor
28) Salma Rafi
29) Arianna Palma
30) Jessica Kieffer
31) Jessica Svoboda
32) Alyssa Jung
33) Marianne Linder
34) Katherine Huang
35) Ema Popovic
36) Vivian Zhan
37) Julia Bigioli
38) Joelle Xie
39) Kiana Nguyen
40) Keziah Reimer
41) Leah Huang

Please check the “tryout Information” for new names or schedule changes. Thank you and Good Luck!